Protecting Your Data – How We Keep Your Data Safe In The Cloud

ITADCollect takes data security very seriously. We understand the importance of protecting your data and have taken measures to ensure its safety.

At the heart of this is our decision to use only Microsoft Azure hosted servers. This means all your data is contained in ISO27001 certified datacentres, and is hosted using virtual servers, preventing hardware failures from causing downtime or data loss.

For UK and EU customers, we use the UK South datacentre, ensuring that all your data remains within the EU, and doesn’t cause an issue with transfer of data abroad.

Our servers are patched reguarly to ensure they are not vulnerable to known exploits, while we ensure all software used is the latest version possible for extra security. Access is restricted to essential personell only.

Finally, we make sure our servers are completely separate from our normal office network, and any data to be transferred is scanned before being transferred, preventing the risk of cross contamination from other infected machines.

At ITADCollect, we take your data security seriously, and we will continue to invest in the latest technology and practices to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.

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