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As the demand for disposal of IT assets continues to keep pace with the supply of services, new businesses spring up determined to break into the field. But with many software solutions simply pricing these startups out of the competition, it seemed that there was something missing from the ITAD industry.

As a leading software development company, we decided to fill a niche. We wanted to create a product that was not only outstanding, in terms of features and capability, but also one which could be tailored to suit both the established players and the newcomers to the industry. And so, ITADCollect was born.

How we price ITADCollect

There are two main options for using ITADCollect, which will determine the price point at which we deliver our service:

  1. Cloud hosted: We retain the software and host your business in the cloud. You get all the functionality and benefits of ITADCollect, without the responsibility of updating, securing and backing up your data.

  2. Self hosted: You buy the software from us outright. You are responsible for security, backups and maintenance, but have no ongoing costs to consider.

Cloud hosted is designed to be an affordable, entry level solution to software for the disposal of IT assets. You can choose to pay monthly for a nominal fee, based on the functionality you need, making it easier to start using this powerful software today.

Self hosted solutions are aimed at larger ITAD businesses, who are able to justify the higher initial outlay of purchasing the software for themselves. You will be able to tailor the system somewhat to reflect your own needs and operations, but also need to ensure security and maintenance yourself too.

Custom solutions are designed for those businesses with unique requirements that an off the shelf product just cannot provide. Whether it’s about branding, functionality or integration with existing systems, sometimes you just need something that was designed with you in mind.

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