“It’s so easy to use, yet still does everything we need”

We get this a lot. I’ve done a few demos of the system now to a number of ITAD’s, and the response is always the same – “wow, it’s so easy to use”, “we love how simple it is”, “it does exactly what we need”.

It’s no happy accident – it was designed that way!

Sure there are other solutions out there, but most of them are modified versions of a similar product, redesigned to try and fit the ITAD market. this results in a lot of bloat, poorly thought out features, and interfaces that are just not terribly clear on how to use them.

ITADCollect is different. We spoke to a number of UK based ITADs, and wrote a system that was specifically designed to meet the way they worked. We looked at the various certifications out there, such as ADISA, ISO 27001 / ISO 9001 etc, and designed the system with these requirements in mind.

Our focus was also on creating a cross platform system – something that works equally well on a mobile phone as it will on a 46″ monitor in your office. This led to the creation of the simple, yet powerful interface that you find in ITADCollect today.

If you are a UK based ITAD, then ITADCollect is designed specifically for your needs. Get in touch now, and we’ll show you how we can help your business.

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