Collection Management Software For IT Asset Disposal Companies

ITADCollect is a complete set of business management tools designed specifically for the UK ITAD market. With collection, stock and sales management, ITADCollect takes care of all aspects of your business, tying it all up together and providing the traceability your customers demand of you.

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What can ITADCollect do for you?

Whether you’re an established ITAD business or a startup looking for a break, we’ve designed ITADCollect to be everything you want it to be and more. With our help, you can provide better customer service, a smoother collection experience, and can enjoy a more efficient processing and resale operation. Our job is to make your business more profitable, and most importantly, compliant.

You can choose to have us host your ITAD software here, in which case you’ll benefit from low entry costs and continuing support, or you can host the software yourself, giving you more flexibility throughout. We can also work with you to develop a bespoke software solution for your business, so if you feel you have unique needs, we’d love to talk to you.


ITAD Software You Can Afford

ITADCollect is available at a range of price points, depending on the solution your business needs. We aim to make our software available to all, from the startup that wants to recycle computers to the multinational looking for a customised solution.

Whether you’re ready to invest in a bespoke designed package tailored just to your business, or simply want to access powerful software without a huge initial outlay, ITADCollect can fulfil your needs.


Key Features of ITADCollect

  • Cloud Hosted

    Access all the information stored in ITADCollect from anywhere, anytime with your PC, smartphone or tablet. ITADCollect runs in your web browser, so there’s nothing to install, and we support all devices.

  • Managed Collections

    Book in collections, complete with all relevant information, and manage those jobs in real time

  • Complete Traceability

    Track collected assets from collection, through the data cleansing process, into warehouse stock and on to the final sale

  • Advanced Client Management

    Know instantly what stage of the process your clients job is at, and gain valuable insight into your past and existing customers

  • Client Log In Capability

    Let your client log in to check progress on their job, and to download paperwork from the comfort of their own office

  • Intelligent Stock Management

    Automatically place treated assets into the current stock for sale



We believe every ITAD should offer the full traceability offered by ITADCollect, and startups should be no exception. Start your business as you mean to go on with our startup package, and ITADCollect will grow with your business.

Our startup package allows up to 10 active collections at any time.

£50 / month

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Full Access

Our full featured version of ITADCollect comes with no limits - add as many users, clients and collections as you need.

Designed for the established ITAD, our full package offers all the tools you need to continue growing your business.

£150 / month

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Self Hosted

Larger ITAD’s who require additional customisation and flexibility may prefer to manage our software by themselves.

In this case, we can sell you the latest software package, and your own IT department can take care of maintenance and backup of the system. This solution is ideal for those who want to avoid ongoing costs but still benefit from our technology.

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Find Out More

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our innovative ITAD software and the options available to your business. For more in depth information, contact us today on the phone or by email for a completely obligation free chat. If you’re in the business of old computer disposal, ITADCollect could be just what you need.
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