Simple, effective e-waste management software for companies dealing with disposal of digital assets.

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The field of IT Asset Disposal is a fast growing industry, with supply barely keeping pace with demand in some regions. Each review of e-waste regulations sees requirements getting tighter, leading more businesses and government institutions to look for ITAD services. However, the rules for ITAD companies are getting steadily tighter too, making it difficult for new businesses to break into the industry affordably.

ITADCollect is an advanced piece of software, designed to make it easier to comply with the certification requirements of ADISA and similar bodies. Our solution has been developed in conjunction with working ITAD companies, helping to shape our product to give really excellent value. With ITADCollect, you’ll find traceability becomes simple, and will discover a better way to manage your collection of digital assets.

Who Are We?

ITADCollect has been developed and deployed by Nighthawk Software Ltd, a specialist software development company based in Edinburgh, UK. Over the years of working in the IT industry, we have watched the growth of the ITAD industry from both sides of the fence. We wanted to create a product that made it easier for these businesses to manage their day to day operations and to comply with the ADISA certification requirements.

What is ITADCollect?

ITADCollect is a web based management system for e waste disposal companies. It has been designed to make the collection, handling and processing of unwanted digital assets easier, more efficient and more cost effective. We have built in a number of key features to the software, designed to add value and make running your ITAD business a breeze.

Our system combines all the functionality you’ll need from ITAD software, such as:

  • Client management: Focus on delivering customer service excellence with better insight and relationship management than before.
  • Client log in: Let the customer stay in control with their own log in functionality.
  • Collection management: Book in collections and record all the information you need.
  • Asset tracking: Know precisely where every item or part is at all times, as well as where it came from and who you sold it to.
  • Stock management: Know at the push of a button what’s in your warehouse.
  • Sales and invoicing: Place valuations on your resale stock, track who they sold to and create an auditable paper trail from start to finish.

ITADCollect is completely web based, and is compatible with all popular tablets and smartphones, putting your information in the palm of your hand. It has been designed to integrate with popular information erasure programmes, making your job easier and more efficient.

We can give you the software to host yourself, giving you complete peace of mind with no ongoing costs. Alternatively, we are also happy to host the system for you, helping to maintain and update the software as the need arises. Ask us about customisation of our e waste software, and let us design a package that completely reflects you needs.

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Why not request a demo and find out more about how ITADCollect works and how it can help your business
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