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Your business is your clients, and your clients are your priority.

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Your Business Is Your Clients, And Your Clients Are Your Priority

We know that, because our clients are our business too, which is why we strive to deliver added value at every stage. When you work with ITADCollect, you’ll find it easier to provide real added value to your clients too. Our seamless organisation strategies and customer focussed features will stand you head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to electronic disposal.

Outstanding client management features

ITADCollect is designed to make exceptional client management easy. Here’s how we do it:

  • Web based software: Your electronic disposal tools are always in your pocket
  • Full IT asset tracking: Find out where assets are now at the click of a button
  • Client control: Choose to allow your clients to log in and view, modify or download elements of your jobs
  • Client insight: See at a glance the jobs you’ve done for each client in the past, and target your marketing and direct offers in a tailored fashion

With our help, you can provide a better, more customer focussed service to your clients. Our electronic disposal software has been engineered to help you improve efficiency and achieve a more refined operation, helping you stay competitive in your industry. ITADCollect brings with it complete audit trails and seamless asset tracking so you’ve always got the answers in the palm of your hand.

Creating control for your client

Clients love to be in the driving seat, and will appreciate the easy access facilities of ITADCollect. Supplied with a log in by you, your clients will have the ability to check into the online database and perform a number of targeted functions from the comfort of their own offices.

Before the collection takes place, clients can log in and add or remove items from the pending collection list. At any point in the process, they can also log in and view progress on their job, giving them peace of mind that everything is proceeding as planned. Finally, once electronic erasure has been completed, they can log in and download their erasure reports and certifications at their leisure.

By giving your client an element of control themselves, you’ll be providing them with complete transparency all the way thorough. This, in turn, will help to build trust, and will make your business the first one they think of when they need electronic disposal again.

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Why not request a demo and find out more about how ITADCollect works and how it can help your business
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